About us

Technical Higher secondary school Thiruthiyad, one of the pioneer technical education institution of Kozhikode district,is managed by The Institute of Human Resources Development (IHRD) - established by Government of Kerala. IHRD is dedicated to the scientific advancement, technological progress and economic growth of the country through human resources development. .THSS Thiruthiyad is situated at Thiruthiyad near Azakode Devi Temple  in Kozhikode. School has 100 seats for both  Integrated science (Biology)  group and Physical Science (Electronic) group at higher secondary level.

Secondary education commission has rightly observed that “secondary education is a complete unit by itself... and at the end of the stage the student must be in a position to enter  on responsibilities in life and take up some useful vocation.  ” Keeping  this in view the school focusses on technical education that make our students acquire technical knowledge along with regular subjects. The school has four batches of students in two streams - Physical science and Integrated science. The school is fully digitalised to provide quality education to students. The school has brought about ample batch of students with flying colours. The ways and means to improve the quality of education by the management, the teaching, non teaching faculty, the students and parents are chalked out with the utmost care and implemented meticulously and effectively.